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The scrip usually bears a definite date of maturity. The CEO and the managers may have big financial appetites and these interests may hypothetically collide with the interests of the stakeholders and the managers who are in charge of the development and progress of the company.

On the other hand, there are some apprehensions that the holders of shares will try to sell their part, in order to obtain an additional profit. You can choose between different academic styles. The Theories Dividend Irrelevance Theory This theory has been elaborated and researched at the dawn of the conventional capitalism era.

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This uncertainty should not be compared with the return on investment actualized by a periodic dividend. Definition of Dividend The Chartered Accountants of India has defined dividend as the distribution of earnings among shareholders in regard to the reserves or profits which are available for the same in that company.

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You will just need to send it to professor once done. Thus, with issue of additional stocks of 10, shares earnings per share will fall to Rs. The demand on the shares increases only in the situations when they perform well, therefore, it is both logical and natural to assume that with the increase in the stock value the dividends accrued by the firm are increased alongside.

The essence of the theory is the following: In retrospect, the opposing side holds that firms which pay periodic dividends eventually tend to have higher stock prices, market values and cheaper WACCs.

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Under the principles of this theory, the managers need to increase the dividends when the shareholders of the company indicate the trend that they are likely to sell their shares, hereby diminishing the capitalization of the company.

Both result in lessening of surplus and in addition to the liability of the firm. Introduction To Dividends. By Investopedia. Share how companies establish dividend policy and the different types of dividend policies; the reasons why companies and investors might prefer.

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The various types of Dividend policies used by companies. Print Reference this or it may distribute profits in the form of shares dividends to shareholders.

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