Protagonist vs antagonist essay writer

In order to give due credit to the two most important characters of your story: Despite these attempts to break with traditional narrative forms and structures, the basic concepts are similar.

Even, say, category romances. But dialogue that is sodden and undistinguished marshmallow dialogue has the opposite effect. I'd like to explain how this is possible.

The Form and Structure of Narrative When you write about a story, you are being asked to analyse and discuss why and how the writer has put to use the various forms and structures of narrative.

Difference Between Protagonist and Antagonist Explained With Examples

However, they do not mean the same thing, and this is where some writers get tripped up. This surely hints at one of the themes of the story, of animals vs.

Meaning can be 'shaped' and 'layers of meaning' created when a writer uses language in literary ways This is language that creates imagery and connotationsthus developing emotion and feelings.

You also need to show how the writer has used language and literary devices effectively. This is written in a style surely intended to alert the reader to the fact that Lennie has a simple mind, one completely unable to use adult language properly and thus, we can infer, unable to use mature reasoning.

They generate emotional twists and turns in a narrative, and can lead to a variety of endings: Some modern writers have tried to change the traditional narrative form and structure in various ways.

Protagonist vs antagonist essay writer

We seem to have a built in desire to want to trust and enjoy listening to certain types of narrative voice; again, no one really knows why this is. Force us to babysit the monster. The protagonist is a drunk; the antagonist is a proponent of clean living.

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It was like before a big storm, with the black clouds out there on the horizon. Have the character DO something. Setting creates a sense of place that can add to believability and realism.

Sometimes the good guy is for resolution, other times the good guy is not. Fix these five areas in your work, and your books can be among them. How to analyse a story and discuss what you find All of the stories you will read during your course will be based on what is called narrative.

This is often created by another character - the antagonist - or by a social system such as, perhaps, parental authority or the law, or even the trials and tribulations of growing up.

Subtext Subtext is when a character says something and we the reader or audience can tell or know that there is something behind the words of what is being said.

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They have evil motivation and evil actions to match. How characters are described; when and where they appear; how they speak through the literary device of dialogue ; and how they act and interact are all important things to examine and consider. Charge for the guns. Genre and narrative are closely linked both ideas seem to be 'hard wired' into our brains.

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My rule of thumb is to always try and stay 3 lines or less with action, and 3 lines or less with dialogue, back and forth, back and forth, and keep it MOVING.

The 5 Biggest Fiction Writing Mistakes (& How to Fix Them)

A devoted mother losing the child she loves to drugs. A cop assigned a case that may mean the end of his career. How they get by on their day to day life. Objectivity does not include the subjective notions of change and emotional catharsis.

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Teachers and examiners look for examples in your work of the following and award marks according to how well you have tackled the three areas: All villains are antagonists.

These work to involve the reader and deepen the engagement with the text. He's stuck with Lennie just because Lennie can't look after himself. What romances, heartaches, tragedies?.

Characterization or characterisation is the representation of persons (or other beings or creatures) in narrative and dramatic works of representation may include direct methods like the attribution of qualities in description or commentary, and indirect (or "dramatic") methods inviting readers to infer qualities from characters' actions, dialogue, or appearance.


Shakespeare purposely creates both an antagonist and protagonist in Shylock, by creating a change in view for the reader throughout the play. He can be viewed as a hated Jew that is often referred to as a villain, a devil, and a money obsessed freak, but a sudden change of personality tends to always occur.

An antagonist is known as the "bad guy" or the character within a story who is trying to stop the "hero" (or protagonist). Read the entire definition of antagonist and explore uses in literature. Teaching ideas and analysis templates for protagonist and antagonist characteristics in literature.

Article includes protagonist vs antagonist definitions & examples. This guest post is by James Scott is the #1 bestselling author of Plot & Structure, and award-winning thrillers like Final served as fiction columnist for Writer’s Digest magazine, to which he frequently contributes, and has written three additional craft books for Writer’s Digest Books including Revision & Self-Editing, The Art of War for Writers and Conflict & Suspense.

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